Auto Body Repair

For over 33 years Wilmington, NC drivers, car dealers, and insurance companies have relied on the Platinum Level Quality auto body repair and auto painting services from Jeff Shepherd.

Jeff Shepherd’s UltraColor, Inc. is a recognized I-Car Gold Class Collision Repair Facility. Jeff Shepherd’s UltraColor, Inc. is also recognized by American Honda Motor Company as the only Honda ProFirst Collision Repair Facility for Honda and Acura within a 97-mile radius of Wilmington.

When you’re looking for the best in the Wilmington, N.C. Auto Body Repair business… Talk to Jeff!

He’s got the certified auto body technicians that all the insurance companies trust to do exceptional “Class A” repair work with their insurance claim work… and has enough heart to repair your family vehicle on a budget without compromising safety or good looks!


Economical Repair-Repaint Option Now Available

We now offer a midrange repair/repaint option in between the low end “scrub and spray” auto body shops, and the Platinum Restoration Craftsmanship we’re known for with our “Class A” insurance claim work.

Now for discretionary auto body repairs, when you’re out of pocket on the repair bill, you’re no longer out of luck… you can still count on Jeff Shepherd’s UltraColor.


You Have The Choice When Choosing Your Auto Body Shop
Auto Body Repairs Should Not Be Stressful!

When your auto bodywork involves filing an insurance claim, let us guide you through all the insurance claim details. We provide a written repair plan and coordinate every step along the way, from estimator to repairs completion. We work closely with all insurance companies and will work diligently with customers to make sure that their claims are filed correctly and rental car arrangements are made.


Paying For Those Repairs Yourself?

When you pay for the repairs yourself you have several repair options, so we know that cost is top of mind. For a more economical auto body repair, Jeff can explain your optional repairs and recommended structural ones to ensure the safety of your vehicle repair. Repair, Repaint & Revitalize your car without compromising the integrity of the work done.

Jeff understands customers on a budget and can help you find that safe middle ground between the “cheap car paint” place and our “Class A” insurance repairs completed to factory specs, OEM original parts, precision assembly, and using the highest grade auto paints available anywhere.

Affordable Auto Body Repairs or Replacements Parts?

When you understand how to save money on auto body repairs, collision repairs, and paintless dent repair, you have more flexibility, and can decide with confidence. With all your other family obligations, out of pocket auto body repair and auto painting costs are a big factor. To save you money, we want you to be informed of the 3 types of replacements, should an auto part replacement be necessary to correctly repair your vehicle.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


OEM auto parts come from the original manufacturer of your car or truck. They provide the perfect match to your vehicle in every way, therefore, but it comes with a higher price tag.



Next down are aftermarket parts. These are new parts but may not come from the same company that manufactures your vehicle.



Recycled parts are generally used OEM parts, so they line up well with your existing make and model vehicle and are the most cost-efficient. These “pick & pull” used auto parts still adhere to safety and function standards.