Auto Painting

Jeff Shepherd’s UltraColor has a reputation as a Platinum Level auto painting in Wilmington, North Carolina. When it comes to ultra color and ultra finish there’s really no comparison…

Wilmington natives and beach area tourists have depended on Jeff Shepherd’s UltraColor for his Platinum Level “Class A,” but he now offers economy-priced car painting when you’re paying out of pocket.

We offer minor dent repairs, scrapes, plastic bumper repairs, spot auto painting, and auto dent repair as well as auto body repair.


Touch Up Auto Painting

When cost is a factor, sometimes targeting only those one or two damaged panels and spot painting them is what is needed to keep the job cost-effective. We’ll focus on the damage repair area, but chemically clean and professionally sand the adjacent auto panels to blend new and old car paint areas into a precise, flawless car paint surface.


Car Painting Isn’t Finished, Until It’s… Finished

  • To eliminate the auto paint imperfections from paint contaminants like dust, dirt, and lint and other air particles, our economical spot paint repair jobs end with a sand, buff, and paint polish refinishing procedure.
  • Wet Sanding is spread evenly over the repainted repair area and then smoothed out.
  • Using a liquid compound we expertly buff the area.
  • Polishing is the last step, which is critical in revitalizing that shine to your car’s paint and clear coat.